Excursion Tips

Observation tower HAMELIKA

  • The observation tower was built in 1876 at 723 m above sea level.
  • Its name comes from the German pronunciation of its earlier name Homolka.
  • In old maps, you can find it as the Lookout tower of František Josef the First.
  • The stone cylinder tower is 20m high and there are 100 stairs leading to its top.
  • Situated 1.5 km from the upper station of the cableway (approximately 15 minutes on foot)
  • Beautiful view over the spa centre of Mariánské Lázně, Slavkov Forest and Green mountain
  • In favourable conditions, especially in the evening, you can here the Singing Fountain

Fallow deer park

  • Situated 300 m from the upper station of the cableway
  • You can watch roe deer and fallow deer from the adjacent meadow
  • There is also a high seat that you can use to observe the animals
  • An info panel gives you information about the animals you can see in the park

Spa collonade in Mariánské Lázně

  • Neo-Baroque building built between 1888 and 1889 is the dominant feature of the spa colonnade
  • Unique cast-iron construction by Johann Koenig
  • The colonnade is decorated with a wooden panel ceiling and bronze reliefs on the walls
  • The author of the ceiling frescoes is the painter J. Vyleťal, who finished the piece in 1979
  • The bronze reliefs were created by Antonín Kuchař
  • In 2010, the colonnade was pronounced a national monument
  • In the vicinity of the main colonnade, there are two other colonnades: of Křížový and Karolina's spring
  • Another stunning building is the colonnade of Ferdinand's spring in the downtown area

Singing Fountain

  • The fountain first sang its song on April 3th, 1986
  • Situated in front of the Colonnade
  • The Singing Fountain sings daily every odd hour from 7AM and at 9PM and 10PM, you can watch a performance with coloured lights

Royal Golf Club

  • Situated 400 m from the upper station of the cableway
  • Classic Irish-type course
  • Mostly surrounded by coniferous forests
  • The course is mostly level, suitable even for beginner golfers
  • website: http://www.golfml.cz/

Riding hall LEVADA

  • Riding hall with two tilt-yards and a training hall
  • Regular international competitions
  • 100 m from the upper station of the cableway
  • website: http://www.jkml.cz/

Nature trail Lázeňské lesy

  • From the upper station of the cableway, you can walk down the nature trail through Lázeňské lesy
  • The remarkable info panels will introduce you to the fauna, flora, local history and the natural and social curiosities
  • The circular tour is 5.2km long and open year-round.

Nature trail Kladská

  • 9 km from Mariánské Lázně
  • Many info panels and stops
  • Reachable by bus from Mariánské Lázně or on foot along the marked hiking trails
  • Total length of the two trails: 2.6 km